Timing and Rhythm In Mind, Brain, and Action

Recruiting participants with autism or stutter!

The precision of entrainment of movement to rhythm has been shown to vary with a whole range of learning and developmental conditions, including stuttering and autism. This winter in the METRE lab, we’re running a set of experiments that look at sensorimotor integration for rhythmic timing in participants with autism and in participants who stutter.…
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Experiments are underway!

With help from some sharp, motivated undergraduates, we have started a set of experiments exploring the inner logic by which mind, action, and external processes are coordinated in time. Our working hypothesis is that covert timekeeping and action timing operate in a closed loop: our inner timekeeper is used to plan the timing for our…
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Arriving at McMaster!

I will be arriving on campus July 1st. I’m excited to start setting up some experiments! Please feel free to reach out with any inquiries about research opportunities or other questions. I am not planning to formally advise any new undergraduate projects this fall, but there may be informal opportunities to help out, and I’d…
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